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8 of our all-time favorite bathroom features

8 of our all-time favorite bathroom features

8 of our all-time favorite bathroom features

8 of our all-time favorite bathroom features

Bathrooms are one of the most frequently used rooms in your home and they should definitely be a priority if you’re thinking of renovating your home. These are some of our favourite bathroom features (guaranteed to make your house guests green with envy!):

  1. Double Sinks

I once heard someone say that the secret to a happy marriage was having separate bathrooms. While this may or may not be true, one thing is certain – we all appreciate having our own space sometimes! While most of us don’t have the option of having two master bathrooms, adding double sinks is the next best thing. Depending on the dimensions of your bathroom, you can either have one long counter with two sinks, or you can have his and hers vanities in separate corners of the room. No more waiting to brush your teeth while your partner takes off their makeup!

  1. Countertop bumpers

It’s pretty safe to say that cleaning the bathroom is no one’s favourite chore. Tooth brushing and handwashing can be a messy business, and adding a countertop bumper protects the wall while visually connecting the counter to the rest of the space.

  1. Skylight/Window

If you’re building a custom home we can’t recommend a skylight enough! Windows in bathrooms are a great feature, but unfortunately many home owners keep the blinds down at all times for privacy, thereby eliminating the natural light. A frosted window solves this problem – it’s private but still allows for natural light and makes the space feel open.

Caption on photo: The skylight above this tub has a motor mechanism allowing it to open in fair weather.  

  1. Rimless mirrors

If natural light isn’t an option in your bathroom – mirrors can be your best friend! Mirrors brighten up the room as well as making the room seem larger than it is. A rimless mirror wall can maximum the illusion of spaciousness. A professional will be able to help you determine the best placement of mirrors in your bathroom.

  1. Built-in shower seat

Bring the spa to you by adding a seat in the shower. This popular bathroom renovation feature adds an additional level of comfort to your home.

  1. Wand shower head

Combined with a shower seat, a wand shower head will make shaving your legs a breeze! It’s also a must-have for rinsing off the dog!

  1. Creative storage

More storage = less clutter on the counter. Drawers and cabinets help, but a narrow pullout can make the most of every inch of space available and can be customized to meet your needs. Another great storage solution is a built-in ledge in the shower wall to hold shampoo and conditioner!

  1. Bold light fixtures

Sometimes all you need to add that “wow” factor is a gorgeous light fixture! A chandelier above the bathtub has been a popular choice for our clients – and it can quickly take your bathroom from ordinary to full-on glam! If a chandelier isn’t your style, there are plenty of other gorgeous and unique choices. A professional designer can definitely assist you in picking something to suit your personality!

If you are ready to create your dream bathroom, reach out to Kon-strux. We have a great team that can take you through the design all the way to the completion of your next project!

Note: all photos pictured in this posts are projects completed by the team at Kon-strux.