Fifty Shades of Green - Kon-strux Developments Inc.
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Fifty Shades of Green

Fifty Shades of Green

Fifty Shades of Green

Some of our past advertising has specifically featured  male bodies. We love the male form. Of course! How can you not? Throughout history incredible human examples have been the muses for artists. The renovations we do are art, so that resonates.

We liked playing on the idea that the trades might be sexy, because believe me, most of the time we’re in there getting the work done, taping drywall and installing granite counters and the actual work isn’t sexy. In reality, people in the trades come home covered in muck and dust and there’s glue on their hands and they’ve got at least a 15 minute shower between them and even being an acceptable human being indoors. We live that every day.

That whole beefcake idea is hilarious, because it turns the stereotype around. Plus, our team is super co-ed, our CEO is a woman, and making sure our women clients feel heard is a big part of who we are as a company. Our residential and commercial renovations here in YYC are serious business. We take huge pride is getting things right: it’s never “just a reno” with us. It’s getting your vision, it’s clarity around the budget, it’s full communication… it’s everything from structural engineering to getting the cabinet hardware perfect. Nobody’s walking around your half-demolished Calgary house with their abs on parade while they re-wire the ceiling. (That’s extra. Just kidding.)

“Oh Hi! I’m here to hang the drapes”.

Our clients become friends. So playing on the stereotype of Mister Tool Belt is like saying “yeah, we know, it’s ridiculous.” It’s that wink. Our team shares a sense of humour – it’s why we’re drawn to each other and why we work so well together. When this concept came up in a meeting we all just started laughing. And it was like, “Yep, let’s do it, it fits our quirky whimsical sense of humours…so fun.”