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Basements can be so much more than just storage space. They can be an entire extension to your home. They can be the perfect media centres. Adding extra bedrooms is a massive bonus. Depending on your home, you might even turn your cellar into an apartment and turn your home into an investment property that keeps giving.

Calgary is a great place to live, and your home deserves to be as perfect as possible. Renovate your basement with Kon-strux today, and we can help you through the entire process from concept to completion.

The Value of a Basement Renovation

Though basements are not included in square footage, renovated basements do add value to your property. A 2010 study by Remodeling Online even determined that you can expect to add 74% of the remodelling cost to the value of your home. Renovating your basement also can help you save up to $400 per year, and, with increasing energy prices, the savings will only

So why not add value to your quality of life, value to your home, and save money on your electricity bill?


Square Footage

Until you renovate your basement, you won’t get the full potential out of your home. We at Kon-Strux will be there with you every step of the way, right from our first free consultation. We work with your budget and take care of the entire process for you.

Though most basements are used for storage, only once you have renovated, it can you do so with peace of mind. Damp, mildew, and even pests can easily get into your belongings before you properly renovate your Calgary basement. You also won’t have the benefit of proper storage systems, which can be easily included in any renovation project. Rather than unsightly and bulky storage systems, however, you can add seamless storage that works perfectly with the flow of your basement.

Drab and dreary basements are a waste of valuable square footage in your home, but they don’t have to be. There are so many ways you can add value to your home with a few key renovations.
Your basement bathroom or bathrooms should resemble and follow the style of your home. You might have a bathtub in your basement which is ageing and collecting dust; you can replace it with a large, modern shower. You could even add a steam room; your renovated bathroom can make for a more relaxing and more rewarding experience.
We have even transformed the basement space into a fully functioning apartment, complete with a bathroom and a kitchen. Perfect for relatives to move in with you or if you have an external entrance to your basement, the ideal way to add a rental property to your home.

One of the most popular basement remodels homeowners invest in is a media entertainment centre. Large TV, surround sound, and comfortable couches are the perfect place to gather for the big hockey game or to watch the latest blockbuster on your big screen.

Renovate your basement for your media entertainment centre, and we can even improve the acoustics of your basement, particularly when it comes to soundproofing your basement so that the rest of your home stays quiet and peaceful.

Why Choose Kon-Strux?

We want to make it easy and straightforward to renovate your basement in Calgary.


There is no basement renovation project we cannot handle, and with our experience, you cannot go wrong. From making recommendations to handling construction, we here at Kon-Strux are here for you.



Keep the damp and mildew out the first time with our eye for detail and superior craftsmanship. We have a longstanding history of refitting kitchens and renovating bathrooms as well, so no matter what your goal is for your Calgary basement renovation, we are the best ones for the job.



We will never cut corners when it comes to the materials we use, so you can rest assured that your basement will be a highlight in your home for decades to come.

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