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The Best Bathroom Renovation Services in Calgary

When it comes to improving your quality of life in your Calgary home, there are a few key places to look, your bathrooms being one of them. Bathroom Renovations Calgary can increase the value of your home in and enjoy a luxury spa experience right at home every single morning. Old bathrooms can be drab, dreary, and even mouldy. By investing in a Calgary bathroom renovation can give your washroom a new life of style, comfort, and luxury.

All of Kon-strux’s clients report that the bathroom renovation projects we have worked on for them exceeded all their hopes and dreams. Give us a call, and we’ll discuss how our services can give you that perfect bathroom.

Bathroom Rejuvenation

When you renovate your bathroom, you aren’t just improving the design or increasing the value of your property. You are also investing in your own relaxation and rejuvenation. How great does a nice hot shower with excellent water pressure feel after a long day at work? Combine that with a beautiful bathroom that is adequately heated and sealed, and you have a spa right in your home. It’s no wonder that the Canadian home builders association show that bathroom renovations and remodelling are consistently popular amongst homeowners.

What We’re

Focused On

We know what goes into a well-designed bathroom. You know what you want your bathroom to have and what you want it to look like. That is why we will make recommendations for you so that your completed bathroom won’t just meet your expectations, but exceed them.
From soaps to creams, to cleaning supplies and linens – there is no shortage of items that we can place in a bathroom over the years. That is why the standard we set for bathrooms is no longer acceptable; for many Calgary households. One area we are always sure to consider when helping you design your bathroom is storage and organization. You deserve to have an organized bathroom that allows your mind to relax, not a washroom that is cluttered.
There are so many ways that your bathroom can improve your household harmony. Take your master en-suite, for example. By adding a second sink, you can help make the space more livable and live more harmoniously with your partner.
Your bathroom should follow your lifestyle. If you have an old tub in your home that is ageing and collecting dust, replacing it with a large, modern shower wouldn’t be a bad idea. You could also add a steam room with a stylish bench to make the room, much more relaxing and more rewarding than ever before.

A beautiful bathroom is a must to help you relax and really enjoy your beauty routine. It is also essential for increasing your property value and being happy in your home.

Your Bathroom’s Full Renovation

We have worked in the Calgary area for years, and have helped household after household in the area improve the quality of their lives and the quality of their homes with professional bathroom renovations that go above and beyond.



We have years of experience and many happy customers to back us up: we are the best full-renovation service to choose from in Calgary. This experience is what makes us the perfect fit for anyone looking to renovate their bathroom.

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Professionalism and Customer Service

We are proud of our professionalism and aim to provide you with the best possible customer service possible. We are completely transparent, so you will know what is going on throughout your renovation. If you have any questions or concerns, simply bring them up with us, and we will be there to help you through them all.


Quality of Craftsmanship

From the quality of our materials to the skillset of our subcontractors and employees; we put our full backing behind our craftsmanship. You will love your bathroom, and it will work for you for years without issue.

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Let Us Create The Bathroom of Your Dreams

From installing new countertops, retiling your shower, or even giving your bathroom a complete overhaul; we can do it all, and we will wow you in the process. Don’t settle for a drab bathroom, and give yourself the gift of luxury every single morning and every night before you go to bed. You deserve a bathroom that you love and can relax in, and with our expertise and quality of craftsmanship, we can help you from concept to completion.