5 Backyard Trends You Won’t Want to Miss

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Summer is always just a little bit better with a beautiful backyard. Even people who typically prefer to stay indoors can appreciate prime patio weather! Whether you are hosting a summer barbeque, eating on the deck with family, or just soaking up some sun on your own, a great patio space can make a huge difference. Here are some of the top trends this year for outdoor living:

Take a Seat

Does the idea of deck chairs conjure up images of folding furniture and uncomfortable plastic? It doesn’t have to be that way. Patio furniture is becoming increasingly comfortable and stylish as people begin to think of their backyard as an outdoor living room. We recommend investing in pieces that you’ll like looking at and sitting on.

Not ready to replace your existing chairs? Add some chic cushions and pillows to add some personality and comfort.

Play with Fire

Fire features are increasing in popularity as people look to add a focal point and some heat to their backyard. Whether you opt for a fire pit or an outdoor fireplace, you’ll love the cozy feel – and the added warmth on those cool Alberta nights!

Back Deck Over Looking the City

Mix and Match

Rules are meant to be broken, right? Mixed materials are trendy and fun, as people combine metal and wood, or different types of stone on their decks and furniture pieces.

Room for Growth

Adding a deck doesn’t have to mean chopping down the tree! Building a deck around an existing tree is something we’re starting to see more and more of. This provides the added benefit of natural shade, in addition to preserving your backyard’s environment.

Deck Outside with Plants

Smart Technology

We’ve come a long way from putting the boom box out on the deck! Modern outdoor sound systems are wireless with Bluetooth speakers, and some are even designed to blend into the landscape. Lighting options have also evolved, with timed lights, LED bulbs, and solar lighting becoming more and more common. High-tech backyards are becoming more affordable than ever, and we expect to only see more smart features in 2018 as well as more environmentally friendly options!

Have you already incorporated any of these trends in your backyard? Let us know!

All photos included in this post are projects completed by the Kon-strux team.


Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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