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Top 5 Reasons to Make Calgary Your Home

Calgary often tops the lists of the best places to live in the world. Whether you’re renovating your home and wondering if it’s a good idea to continue living in Calgary or you’re planning on moving and want to consider Calgary for your new city, there are plenty of benefits to consider. Calgary has been named the cleanest city in the world, has fantastic options for transportation, offers plenty to do, and has more benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

Cleanest City in the World

In 2007, Calgary was named the world’s cleanest city by Forbes magazine. In 2014, it also topped the list as the world’s cleanest city according to Mercer Global Financial. Calgary has low air pollution, fantastic drinking water, and clean sewage systems. There are also huge fines for littering, which means fewer people are willing to litter and risk getting caught. A robust recycling program also helps, as more items can be recycled instead of being thrown away. All of this plus street cleaning yearly as well as other things the city does to help keep it looking beautiful add up to a clean city that’s a great option to live in.

Fantastic Options for Transportation

It’s easy to get around Calgary, whether you’re planning on shopping, heading to work, or going out for the night. There’s a covered skywalk system for pedestrians that connects much of the downtown so you can walk around without going outside. The Plus 15 Skywalk connects various downtown buildings, making it easy to get through the downtown area to find something to do. It’s also heated, so there’s no need to go out in the cold during the winter months. The city also has a good public transit system, including trains and buses to help people get downtown for work and back home at night. Most of the public transit options are affordable, and the CTrain is free downtown.

Plenty to Do in Calgary or Nearby

There’s a lot to do if you love the outdoors. While it does get cold during the winter, there’s skiing and snowboarding in the city as well as public skating and bobsledding. When it’s warmer outside, there are activities like biking and zip lining. The area includes the Canada Olympic Park, open to everyone, as well as nearly 20,000 acres of parks. On top of everything Calgary has to offer, other fantastic locations are just a drive away. Edmonton is around three hours north and offers shopping as well as a water park. Calgary is also close to Glacier National Park and the US border. Though it’s a longer drive, Vancouver is close enough for short vacations.

Lower Taxes in Calgary

Saving money is always a good idea, and Calgary makes it easy. Most places in Canada have a federal Goods and Services Tax as well as a provincial tax, which means shoppers pay around 15% combined for the taxes. There’s no provincial sales tax in Alberta, though, meaning shoppers only pay the 5% Goods and Services Tax. This leads to huge savings for shoppers as they can save money on just about everything they purchase. When everything costs less, it’s much easier to save money. There are talks once in a while about adding a provincial tax, but so far the area is holding off and does not have plans to add one anytime soon.

Strong Economy and Plenty of Jobs

Calgary currently has a strong economy and has the best economy in Canada. There are many different types of industries in Calgary, making it easier for anyone to find a job. The city also has more millionaires per capita compared to the rest of Canada and has been ranked the best place to work in Canada as well as the 5th best city to live in the world. Along with a strong economy, there are plenty of jobs for those who want to move to Calgary or who are looking to change their career while living in Calgary.

If you’re trying to decide if renovating your home and staying in Calgary is a good idea, it likely is. Though renovations can be costly, being able to stay in Calgary allows you to take advantage of living in a city that has a strong economy, plenty to do, and a lot more to offer. If you’re planning on moving and wondering if Calgary is the best option, visit the city today to see everything it has to offer. Chances are, you’re going to find Calgary has plenty of options for you and is going to be a fantastic place to live.


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