6 Master Bathroom Design Trends Fit for Royalty

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Royal Style Bathroom Calgary

You may not have any blue blood, but when it comes to your castle, you most definitely reign supreme. The master bathroom is the room in your home that truly belongs entirely to you and your partner, which means you should take the time to ensure it reflects your style and your needs. Whether your dream master bathroom looks like a relaxing spa retreat, a glamorous Hollywood hotel, or an old European palace – this is the one room where there is no such thing as too luxurious!

Here are six design trends to get you inspired:

1. Vintage Styles

It’s true in fashion, and it’s true in interior design, everything that was once trendy and fashionable will come back around again. However, not all vintage styles are created equal (let’s leave those fuzzy toilet seat covers in the past please ). Some popular vintage bathroom styles we’ve seen include bronze fixtures, gilded mirrors, exposed piping, and faux-candlelight wall sconces. If you want to keep it simple while still evoking a nostalgic feel, a statement mirror or a new light fixture can go a long way!

Two Chairs in Bathroom

2. Free standing tub

If a master bathroom is built without a bathtub is it truly a master bathroom? We have seen the free-standing bathtub become a big trend over the last few years and it does not appear to be going away anytime soon! You will feel like a princess (or prince) taking a soak in a deep, free-standing tub.

3. Fun walls

Don’t be afraid to have some fun and get creative with the design! Bright colours, gorgeous tiling, and unique wallpaper are all great ideas when it comes to the bathroom. A feature wall is always an option if you would like to have a bold look without overdoing it. We particularly love this textural focal wall in the spa-like suite pictured below.

Two Mirrors with Beautiful Drawers

4. Art and Plants

Some sophisticated wall art can add a beautiful focal point to a master bathroom, and create ambience without committing to anything too permanent. If zen-like serenity is what you are going for, consider adding some plants to the room, either on a countertop or in a large floor vase for a pop of freshness.

5. Natural Light

If you are building a custom home, we recommend considering a skylight or window by the bathtub! Windows in bathrooms are a great way to have natural light in the room and help the space, feel more open. Concerned about privacy? A frosted window or small windows above eye-level will solve this problem!

Lights on Top of Tub

6. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

If space allows, why not add an ottoman, a throw, pillow, or even a chair? Our favourite master bathroom accessory lately is the addition of a small side table. Aside from adding to the aesthetic of the room, it also has a practical purpose – where else are you going to put your magazine or glass of wine while you have a bubble bath?

Bath Tub with Pink Stool

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