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The benefits of renovating your house before selling it

If you are contemplating moving back home, then it makes sense to add value to your current property to encourage buyers. At the same time, you might ask your movers to store a range of items that can help declutter and depersonalize your home. Both tactics are a way of encouraging potential purchasers. In terms of renovation, the key benefits you can gain include the following.

Increase the value of your current home

Presenting a remodelled room, complete with modern fittings and electrical appliances, offers a much more attractive buying picture. Bedrooms – especially kids’ rooms – can be transformed by a repaint that hides the inevitable scrapes and scratches of life. If your kitchen or bathroom has seen better days, it will be obvious to potential buyers and can be off-putting.

Make your property appealing to a higher number of buyers

While some people are looking for a home that becomes their “improvement project,” many others are eager to find a new home that they can hire movers then move in with the minimum amount of fuss or restoration work.

Show your home in good repair

Apart from the more significant renovations mentioned earlier, tackling all those smaller improvement jobs gives you a chance to offer your property for sale in good order. Leaving leaks, dampness, drafts, and the like will draw the attention of professional inspectors. It can also seem like the property has been uncared-for, which can put many potential buyers off making a reasonable offer. 

Home in Good Repair

Gain a speedy sale

Even undertaking a range of the smaller repair jobs suggested earlier – or a minimum of redecoration – can make your current property seem more attractive. This can lead to quick offers, rather than having people spend a while thinking about it (or searching for an alternative they believe to be in better order).

Of course, there is a balance to be weighed between the amount of time you’ll invest, and the cash investment you are prepared to make plus the effect this will have on hiking up the price you can then ask for. The more attractive you make your current property, the better chance of a fair and swift sale – allowing you to carry on with your moving home project!

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