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Deciding to renovate your home can (and should) be exciting! You’re finally getting to bring your dream space to life. Unfortunately, it often comes with some stress and anxiety. How do you decide on a contractor? And how can you tell if you can trust them to follow through on what you agree upon?

Recommendations from friends, family, and neighbours are a great way to put together a shortlist of potential renovation companies. But what about your neighbours’ cousin who wants to be paid in cash under the table? Or the contractor who is offering the lowest quote but offers no warranty?

Here are a few warning signs to look out for when hiring someone to renovate your home.

Unlicensed or uninsured

Unfortunately, in recent years we’ve seen a rise in unlicensed contractors; they offer a low price but lack the proper paperwork and insurance. This can lead to lower quality work if they lack the necessary experience and training. It can also be extremely risky for you as a homeowner if they don’t have insurance and Workers’ Compensation coverage. If they damage your home while working on it, you may be on the hook for the costs if they are uninsured. Additionally, if they get injured on the job, you may be held liable if they are not operating as an independent business and you are considered their employer.

Verbal Contracts

This one is a hard rule when it comes to home renovations: get it in writing. This may seem like common sense, but occasionally homeowners agree to a verbal contract of cash under the table, which is very risky. If you don’t have it in writing, then it’s your word against theirs if they do not complete the work, or do not complete the work as specified. Make sure you have a written contract and make sure it is detailed, including information on warranty and payment.

No references

Online reviews and testimonials can be a great place to start when putting together a shortlist, but if you’re serious about hiring them, you need to ask for 2-3 references. Make sure you call the references they provide! The Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA) has a helpful worksheet with questions to ask references.

A little due diligence on your part goes a long way in reducing your risks as a homeowner. A reputable company is not going to be offended if you ask for things such as proof of insurance and references; this is a big purchase, and we understand that!

The renovation process can be overwhelming at times, but luckily there are a lot of helpful resources out there to help you determine what company is right for you. CHBA has some great information on hiring a contractor and websites such as Renomark can you decide who is legitimate.

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