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Increasing Home Value with an Addition

Though they’re larger projects and can be costly, additions can increase a home’s value significantly. Those who want more space right now or who are thinking about selling soon and want to get more for their home might consider an addition. There are many different types of additions that can add significant value when it is time to sell.

Adding Another Room

An addition commonly done is adding another room to the home. It can be done to make more space for a growing family or to add more functionality to the house. Since the living space in the home increases, the value of the home increases as well. The increase in value can be significant, depending on how large the addition is and what else is done to create the added living space.

If the house doesn’t have a guest bathroom or only has one bathroom, adding another one can increase the value significantly. Homeowners can add a full bath, a ¾ bath, or a ½ bath to their home, depending on the space available and their needs. A ½ bath is perfect for a guest bathroom while a ¾ or full bath can be useful for a growing family or in an in-law suite inside the home.

Adding a Second Story

Some homeowners may want to add another story to their home. A single-story home can have a lot more space if it’s converted into a two-story house, and the footprint of the home doesn’t need to change. Homeowners can add another story over the garage for a home office, bonus room, or a larger master bedroom. Or, they can add a second story with more bedrooms. Depending on the current layout, it may be possible to move all the bedrooms upstairs to convert into an office or a guest room the bedrooms downstairs.

Adding a Laundry Room

Larger laundry rooms have more space for hanging clothes to dry, folding clothes, and a utility sink. Depending on the current laundry setup, adding a larger laundry room might be an excellent idea. The old space can be used as a mudroom or renovated and the space used inside an adjoining room. With the addition, there’s more room for the washer, dryer, and other appliances the homeowner might need as well as plenty of space for hand washing specific garments or hanging them to dry.

Depending on the homeowner’s needs, they might want to look into other additions as well. A mudroom can be an excellent addition and can add significant value to the home. Family room additions, as well as kitchen additions, are other options the homeowner may want to look into if they’d like more space or they want to get more money for the home.

Additions can add significant value to any home, depending on the type and how it’s done. If you require more space or you’re looking to sell for as much as possible, look into the different types of additions you might want to consider today. Consult with a specialist for an estimate and to learn more about the process of adding onto the home.