Izzy Lenstra – French Bulldog

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Who: Izzy Lenstra

Breed: French Bulldog

Brown French Bulldog Frowning

We sat down with the staff of Kon-strux to hear more about their colleague, Izzy…

Andreas Wienecke, CFO: Izzy is our Top Dog, she’s been the dog of the office for, oh… probably nine, ten months now. I heard she sits. Shannon gives her treats I think. Well, Shannon makes sure we all have treats but we have to do different things depending on what’s on our business cards. I’m not sure that just sitting down is a deliverable in my job description.

Four Bowls with TreatsFlowers on Vase and Painting

Brady Berg, Project Manager: So let’s say I’m talking about a kitchen renovation with a client. Izzy comes in, gives her two cents. She has a way of conveying meaning in those non-verbal gestures, you know? She’s not a fan of that new trend of the baseboard vacuum outlet. We love them, makes the kitchen an easy cleanup zone for crumbs and whatnot. We put them in a lot of our Calgary renovations. Izzy would rather we leave those tidbits for the family dog, but I’ve got final call on the details.

Rob Higman, Project Manager: For me, Izzy’s a wing woman, sort of thing. I don’t have to incorporate her ideas, she’s mostly there to keep us charmed.

<Interviewer: Is she charming?>

Rob: Hell yeah, she’s charming as hell. Have you seen those eyes? Who has eyes like that.

Bulldog Wearing Halloween Costume

Jason Grech, Director of Market Strategy: I taught her to ring that bell by the door.

Lane Boswell, Accounting & Marketing: I taught her that!

Jason: I did.

Lane: Did not.

Jason: Fine, “you taught her”.

Lane: Thank you.

Small Door Bell Hanging

Charlotte Neufeld, Estimator: I was hired after Izzy was already Top Dog. I wouldn’t say I exactly “report” to her, but when I’m estimating for a bathroom reno, for example, she often wanders through and gives my chair a sniff. And baseboards? Whoa: I’m on the phone with anyone about replacing their floors or sourcing hardwood and she’s immediately right there at my knee. She’s making sure I know she’s got her eye on everything here. She’s shrewd, I’ll give her that.

Shannon: Who’s the real Izzy? WELL SHE’S MY FUR BABY ISN’T SHE? YES SHE IS! OH YES SHE IS!

Dog with Yellow Strap


Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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