Izzy Lenstra – French Bulldog

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Who: Izzy Lenstra

Breed: French Bulldog

Brown French Bulldog Frowning

We sat down with the staff of Kon-strux to hear more about their colleague, Izzy…

Andreas Wienecke, CFO: Izzy is our Top Dog, she’s been the dog of the office for, oh… probably nine, ten months now. I heard she sits. Shannon gives her treats I think. Well, Shannon makes sure we all have treats but we have to do different things depending on what’s on our business cards. I’m not sure that just sitting down is a deliverable in my job description.

Four Bowls with TreatsFlowers on Vase and Painting

Brady Berg, Project Manager: So let’s say I’m talking about a kitchen renovation with a client. Izzy comes in, gives her two cents. She has a way of conveying meaning in those non-verbal gestures, you know? She’s not a fan of that new trend of the baseboard vacuum outlet. We love them, makes the kitchen an easy cleanup zone for crumbs and whatnot. We put them in a lot of our Calgary renovations. Izzy would rather we leave those tidbits for the family dog, but I’ve got final call on the details.

Rob Higman, Project Manager: For me, Izzy’s a wing woman, sort of thing. I don’t have to incorporate her ideas, she’s mostly there to keep us charmed.

<Interviewer: Is she charming?>

Rob: Hell yeah, she’s charming as hell. Have you seen those eyes? Who has eyes like that.

Bulldog Wearing Halloween Costume

Jason Grech, Director of Market Strategy: I taught her to ring that bell by the door.

Lane Boswell, Accounting & Marketing: I taught her that!

Jason: I did.

Lane: Did not.

Jason: Fine, “you taught her”.

Lane: Thank you.

Small Door Bell Hanging

Charlotte Neufeld, Estimator: I was hired after Izzy was already Top Dog. I wouldn’t say I exactly “report” to her, but when I’m estimating for a bathroom reno, for example, she often wanders through and gives my chair a sniff. And baseboards? Whoa: I’m on the phone with anyone about replacing their floors or sourcing hardwood and she’s immediately right there at my knee. She’s making sure I know she’s got her eye on everything here. She’s shrewd, I’ll give her that.

Shannon: Who’s the real Izzy? WELL SHE’S MY FUR BABY ISN’T SHE? YES SHE IS! OH YES SHE IS!

Dog with Yellow Strap


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