5 Laundry Room Trends to Consider

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Laundry room with Clothes

It’s not the most glamorous room in the house, but designing your dream laundry room can be loads of fun! Built-in laundry hampers, drying racks, and stylish cabinets and countertops, are being embraced as both convenient and aesthetically pleasing. Many modern laundry rooms are bright, fresh, and designed with one priority in mind: to make homeowners lives easier.

While your house guests may not spend a lot of time in your laundry room, they will notice piles of dirty clothes in the hallway or wet clothes draped over chairs because you don’t have a dedicated space to dry them!

Let’s run through the laundry list of things to consider when renovating or building a new home.

1. Thoughtful Layouts

Where you have your laundry will depend on your space and your lifestyle. If you have a busy household with kids and pets, a mudroom-style laundry will likely be your first choice, located nearby the garage or kitchen, to avoid bringing muddy clothes into the house. Others may prefer a laundry room upstairs close to the bedroom for convenience. A European-style laundry with the dryer stacked on top of the washer is a great choice for those with smaller spacers. Often these are tucked away behind a door or closet.

2. Interior Design Continuity

The laundry room doesn’t need to be neglected when it comes to interior design. A trend we are seeing is a consistent aesthetic in the laundry room to the kitchen, to give a feeling of continuity throughout the home. This could mean using the same material for the countertop and the same style of cabinetry, as well as consistency in paint choices.

Chores aren’t fun, but you can have some fun with the design! Laundry rooms with hanging artwork, interesting light fixtures, or a feature wall are becoming more commonplace.

Dryer and Washing Machine

3. Off-the-Wall Solutions

If you are tight on space, you might have to get a bit creative with your thinking. We love this fold-out drying rack from a previous project Kon-strux worked on (pictured below). Another trend is the fold-out ironing board, which allows you to iron in the same room you do laundry, without it being always in the way!

Hanging Clothes and Towel

4. Energy Efficient Choices

Consider opting for an energy efficient washer and dryer. A certified Energy Star washer will use 50% less water than a standard washer, saving you 20,000 litres of water per year or more. In addition to saving on your utility bill, you will also qualify for a $75 rebate from Energy Efficiency Alberta.
The dryer is huge electricity hog, using as much electricity as your fridge even though you use it less! Many people are opting to include racks and hooks for hanging clothes to dry in their laundry room. This is great for drying delicate clothes, as well as reducing your use of your dryer.

5. More Surface Area

Something as simple as adding a countertop over the machines will give you additional space to fold clothes or store items. Many homeowners are adding shelves or cupboards to their laundry room to maximize storage space and keep detergents up high.

Laundry Room with Sink

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