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Yummy Round Chocolate Cake

The cult of Pinterest Parenting is fantastic stuff. Have you seen the cakes on there? Real people make them. (Ok and Pinterest Fails are also exceedingly impressive, I have never laughed so hard.)

Yummy Chocolate Baked Cupcakes

We’re experiencing an explosion of extraordinary home cooking and experimentation in North America. What might have been called “average” people in earlier years are now called across-the-board epicureans. The range of ingredients people use… think of the grains alone! I had never even seen quinoa until I was in my mid-30s. Now kids are being raised on this stuff as just regular food, and that’s amazing.

Picture of Spices on Spoon

The internet is the prime mover in so much of what people can accomplish with self-education and research, and we see the benefits of this in our industry as well. Portals like Apartment Therapy and (my favourite) Houzz are essential tools in helping people learn and develop their tastes.

Houzz is incredible because it helps clients identify what they want – so much information and imagery allows you to be pulled by your passion and real preferences to determine what’s really “you.” It’s an education. Our clients end up being savvy about what they want and what will feel right in their home, not trends in the stores, not what you are told is going to suit your life, but what draws your eye, what makes you smile when you see it in a photo.

Small Screenshot of Houzz Page

For a long time, the design industry was a kind of echo chamber, and limited regional trends got built on tight budgets because there wasn’t useful information for clients. Think of those suburban kitchens in 80s movies. Didn’t they all look the same? Frilly curtains around the window above the sink: you could choose the fabric, but everything else was sort of predestined.

Two Men in Kitchen

But it’s 2017, and nobody has to be trapped in those old tropes anymore. If you can dream it, we can build it, because just over a decade ago I came back from Boston with a vision of world-class work for southern Alberta. And it was the right moment – for the zeitgeist, for the Canadian home renovation market, for the local trades and economy, and for the internet’s spectrum of information and tools. Feathering a world-class nest is within reach right here in YYC.

So do your homework, revisit that dusty Pinterest board (or better yet build a Houzz Ideabook), and call us!


Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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