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To Repair or Replace your Countertop During Kitchen Renovations

A kitchen countertop is the workhorse of any food prep space. As a large block of colour, it composes the majority of the aesthetic atmosphere in the room. Kitchen counters can be expensive, in the case of marble and other high-end materials, in which case you probably want to save your current countertop. But if you are preparing for a kitchen renovation, and you are trying to decide whether or not to keep your current counter, there are a few things to consider.

Should I Replace My Kitchen Countertop During Renovations?

Things you should consider include the cost of your current countertop, the cost of a new countertop, the size of the countertop, its condition, whether or not it matches your new kitchen configuration, and whether or not it matches your new décor.

What Will it Cost?

With materials, labour, and the countertop itself, the average price for a new countertop is approximately $2,000 within a range averaging between $800 and $3,800. That’s a wide price range, but the cost to you will depend on the size of your counter or kitchen, the complexity of the new countertop piece, and the type of new countertop material you choose to install. If you want to get a quick idea of what you can expect to pay, you only need to consider the size of your kitchen and your kitchen fashion sense.

Another important consideration that will affect your total cost is the size of the largest piece of countertop you intend to move. A large, elbow-shaped piece of countertop will be hard to move and it will affect your bill if you hire contractors or have it delivered.

Finally, if your current countertop is made from high-quality material in good condition, replacing it might not be the most cost-effective idea. It might be best to keep it and design your new renovation around it.

How Large is Your Countertop Space?

If the price is your main consideration, then materials and size are going to be the most important factors. Transporting a large piece of countertop can be expensive, especially if it’s marble. A large piece of marble will have to be specially packaged and hauled with a full size moving truck in most cases. This by itself can add hundreds of dollars to your overall costs. Once you’ve factored in all the costs, adding in the cost of transporting a large piece of marble can throw your figures for a loop.

lf your new counter space to be is small and made of simple rectangular sections, then your choice of materials will not add as many surprises when the bill comes.

Of course, if you intend to haul your components yourself, that makes a big difference to your budget.

What Condition is it in?

If you have a nice countertop now that is in good condition and you like the material and colour, the best advice is usually to keep it and make it work with your new renovation. Unless you are determined to build out a completely new kitchen configuration or change the décor radically, keeping your countertop may be the most cost effective option.

Will it Fit the Renovation Configuration?

A little imagination can make your old counter work with a fresh new design.

Maybe you have decided on completely reconfiguring your kitchen and your current countertop will not fit into the new design. You will need a new one if you stick to the plan. But, if you are struggling to stay under budget, doing a slight redesign to keep your old countertop just might do the trick.

Suppose you imagine building in a big sliding glass door on the side of the kitchen where the counter is now standing. Perhaps you have decided to build out two smaller counters on either side of the door. Your design has made your current countertop an ill-fit. But if you want to keep it, maybe building your new kitchen counter on the opposite wall will allow you to do so.

Those who design once and do not revise are less likely to be satisfied with the result. This could be your opportunity to put some valuable design brainstorming into action.

Will it Match the New Décor?

Naturally, if you are redesigning the entire look and feel of your kitchen, the counter will almost certainly have to be replaced. But will it? Suppose your counter is not standard off white, but something that stands out like brown, a checker pattern, or some other colour that is difficult to match.

If that’s the case, making it match a new décor style might be a challenge. However, you might find that adding colour accents and details to your new design that match your old counter just might make keeping the old counter doable.

Hire the Right Experts

If you’re not a die-hard DIY-er, hiring the right contractors will make all the difference. Starting your kitchen renovation project with an estimate from a reputable Calgary contractor will save you money and heartache.

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