What’s in our name?

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What’s in our name?  

We’re in love with our company name. We get asked a lot, “So where’d it come from?”

Shannon Lenstra is our CEO. “My dad came up with the name when I was going out on my own in business ten years ago. I had done everything from bio-genetics labs to spas, all over the US, Ontario and Alberta, but my idea was Calgary-focused residential renovations. I knew I could bring so much value to this part of the construction market. I wanted to make a difference in how people lived every day. As an industry professional I had so much experience with construction and renovations: kitchen renos, re-doing bathrooms, redesigning spaces so they would be ultra-functional, gorgeous, and fit with the owner’s vision. So that’s where I started… Calgary, where my heart is.”

…But the name? “Right! So, Dad and I were at his kitchen table brainstorming names that meant something and told people what we did in the name. He came up with “construct” with a K. It was different. It felt good.”

Photo of Shannon & her dad

Dad with Three Kids

We even looked into the woo-woo of the letter K and numerology will tell you people (and businesses) whose names start with K are influential, willing to go to extremes. “I love that,” said Shannon. “I wanted my company to be known for being extremely good, extremely friendly, and extremely professional. It fits.”

“…And I like hyphens, too, I don’t know why! So it was easy: Kon-strux. It’s exactly what I wanted: easy to say, easy to remember, and it says what we do. It means Calgary, and it means commitment.”

Kon-strux also provides scholarships.


Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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