Top 5 Winter Home Improvement Projects

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Snow Winter Home Improvement Projects

It’s winter, so home improvement projects are out, right?


Even with the most frigid of temperatures outside, there are still excellent winter home improvement projects you can do.

So if you are itching to get some home improvement done without fighting the cold outside, we’ve got you covered.

Sound interesting? Keep reading to find out more.

Change Your Cabinet Hardware

One aspect of home improvement that we know will always be indoor is your kitchen cabinets.

So, while the temps dip outside, take this time to up your cabinet game inside!

Replacing the pulls on your cabinetry is one of the more natural DIY improvements you can make. All you’ll need is some excellent looking pulls, a screwdriver, and a couple of hours, of your time.

You can spruce up the overall look of your kitchen with only a subtle change. The look of your cabinets will pop, especially if you choose some fun pull hardware.

And this has an obvious functional use too! And in particular, if you cabinets don’t currently have any pulls, this is a great time to install them for the first time!

New Bathroom Vanity

So often our homes have a bathroom vanity that’s old and outdated looking.

And yeah, it’s a more significant project that will take some time and care. But the winter is an ideal time to do this kind of indoor overhaul.

You can make the process more comfortable as well by choosing a prefab vanity that’s already painted.

So once you pull your previous vanity, you won’t have to install multiple parts or build a custom vanity.

Add in Crown Molding

New crown moulding is an excellent way to up the look and value of your home without any significant construction or overhaul.

It’s light and isn’t cumbersome to carry home. So there won’t be any struggle to trudge through the snow with heavy materials.

Put the moulding at the top of door frames and walls, or even above cabinetry.

Not only will it look great, but it’ll also cover up and nicks, smudges and more that have gotten on the walls over the years.

Interior Painting

How do you counterbalance the dark colours of winter? By painting your house’s interior with lighter shades!

Not only is indoor painting a job that can be done indoors during the winter, but it might also inspire you to pick a brighter palette that will look great and lighten up your house year round.

Just be sure to use, or have your painter use, a waterborne and eco-friendly paint. They tend to emit fewer or no fumes, meaning you won’t have to have all the house’s windows open.

Update Your Light Fixtures

The winter can be dark, but your house can be a beacon of new light! Take the time to invest in some lighting upgrades during the winter.

This can be anything from installing a few new pot lights to adding a dazzling chandelier.

And with the lack of daylight time during the winter months, having a brighter living space will be a welcome addition!

Winter Home Improvement Projects Help All Year Round!

These are all winter home improvement projects that will make your house look better all year round, and be worth more.

Have questions, or want to learn more? Contact us today!


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