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Dream Bedroom Elements

Dream Bedroom Elements

Dream Bedroom Elements

Your bedroom is a place where you start and end the day. It’s a place to unwind. A place to rest. A getaway from the stress of each day.

If you are looking to transform your bedroom into the ultimate escape from the day-to-day hustle and bustle, we have a few key design elements to get you started.


HGTV explains it best! There are three types of lighting to consider when designing any bedroom space: ambient (overall, general lighting), accent (to highlight special features) and task (to provide focused light for activities such as reading).

Depending on the design, you may decide to have all three types of lighting in your bedroom. We recommend selecting an option that incorporates the beauty of natural lighting as well. There is nothing better than cozying up on your bed for a daytime nap with natural light beaming in.

Incorporate your personal style and have some fun with light fixtures in the bedroom. Whether it’s a statement chandelier above your bed or a classic ceiling fan to keep you cool in the summer, there are many possibilities.

One feature many of our clients select in any bedroom renovation is task lighting. Matching beside lamps are an excellent way to bring a simple design element to your bedroom while allowing you to have a little extra light for your reading at the end of the day.


Updating your linens and window coverings are a quick, relatively affordable way to transform your bedroom in a matter of minutes. When selecting the right linens for your bedroom, it is important to remember one thing: you sleep in your bed (almost) every night. Splurge! Select fabrics that have a higher thread-count and speak to your personal style. Working with an Interior Designer can help you select the right products that tie into the overall design of your space.

Color Palette

There has been countless research into the best colors to use in each space. At Kon-strux, we have worked on a variety of projects that utilize softer shades in the bedroom space. This creates a retreat-like feeling in the space, while utilizing art and lighting to create a modern feel. A little color goes along way!

Are you looking to overhaul your bedroom and create the dream retreat you’ve been waiting for? We can help. At Kon-strux, we have a talented team of professionals who are ready to create the space you deserve!