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Calgary Home Additions Options for Commercial and Retail Building Owners

After buying a property for commercial or retail use, you need to make decisions as to whether the building will work as-is, if it needs a complete renovation, or if demolishing and rebuilding is the best option. Building owners should consider all of their options carefully, as there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and what they need will be the basis for the right choice. Speak with your Calgary tenants improvements experts for home additions ideas.

Demolition and Rebuild

If the building doesn’t work at all for the prospective use or it is too old, and in poor condition, a complete rebuild may be necessary. The building owner will need to have the original building demolished before this can begin.
Demolition should only be done by a professional to minimize the potential for issues or injuries to those involved. After the demolition, the property owner can create a design for the new building, and the construction can begin. Both commercial and retail building owners can consider demolition if the building is unsafe, in poor shape, or a bad fit for their needs.

Renovation or Remodel

If the building is still in good condition and will work for the property owner’s needs, it may be better to do a home addition. Our Calgary tenants improvements team will tear down the structure completely, so only the outside is still standing, and then fix it to the owner’s specifications. Depending on the building, it may be possible to renovate without tearing down or moving walls.
The owner will want to carefully consider what the building currently offers and what they might need. Then, they can work on creating a design for the renovation or remodel. Both commercial and retail building owners can renovate existing buildings to make sure they have everything they need before they are open for business. It is often the faster option if they would like to open quickly.

How to Choose for

Retail Buildings

Retail owners may have unique needs for the building to ensure it matches their ideal space. Before deciding on demolition and rebuilding or a renovation, there are a few things they’ll want to consider.
The overall cost for a complete demolition is likely to be higher than a renovation. A remodel is the least expensive option. However, spending more money on getting the building ready, the retail store owner can make sure it fits their needs exactly.
If the building is in deplorable condition and is not safe to enter, a demolition is going to be the best choice. If the overall condition is fine, it’s possible to renovate instead.

There may be restrictions placed on renovations and demolitions in the local area. The retail owner will need to determine what the limits are for their property before moving forward.

Retail owners who want to open as quickly as possible will want to opt for a renovation instead of a rebuild. If they have time before opening day and would instead make sure everything is perfect and working correctly, they can consider a rebuild instead.

How to Choose for Commercial Buildings

While the result for a commercial building is different from a retail structure, the process of getting the building to what it should be is the same. Commercial building owners will want to carefully consider the following when determining if they should rebuild or renovate the property.


Demolition can be costly, but it might be the most effective way to alter a property to fit the needs of the owner. If the building is designed initially for a different purpose, commercial building owners might find this could be an expensive option as well.

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Overall Condition

Like with retail spaces, the overall condition should be assessed to determine if the building is structurally sound or if demolition might be the only option.



Commercial building owners may face local restrictions on demolition and related services. If there are restrictions, a full renovation might be the better option for them.



Like with retail spaces, the quick opening might mean a renovation is a better option. If the commercial building owner can wait longer to do everything, they might consider a rebuild, so they have the exact building they need.

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If you have purchased a commercial or retail business, but it isn’t exactly what you need, there are options available. Consider whether demolition and rebuild make the most sense for your property or if a renovation might be the better option. If you need any help with making the decision or with demolition, rebuilding, improvements, additions and restorations of commercial or retail properties, call us today.