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Home Technology Trends for 2018

Home Technology Trends for 2018

Home Technology Trends for 2018

There is no doubt that technology is changing the way we live. From self-driving cars to robotic vacuums, we are living in a technology focused world. When designing, building or renovating a residential or commercial space we always look at how we can incorporate technology into our project. Here are a few popular trends that will continue to gain traction in 2018 and years to come.


Hidden Televisions 
Remember when your TV used to be the focal point of conversation and comparison? You convinced your spouse that you “needed” to have a bigger TV because the Jones family had a 50 inch and you only had a 46! Well, gone are the days of TV size comparison. One major trend that is becoming more popular are mirror TVs. This option allows you to present decor while entertaining and quickly switch to TV mode to catch the score of the big game. Although the cost is substantially higher than a regular TV, it comes with great customizable features that add a new flare to your home. Check out these amazing options from Samsung. https://www.hiddentelevision.com/samsungledmirrortv.htm


Universal Remotes
Ready to control absolutely everything entertainment in your house from the click of a button? Say hello to the universal remote. A universal remote is a one-stop shop for entertainment electronics and are capable of finding your favourite show or playing your favourite song. The best part is most can be controlled directly from your smart phone. Check out this option from Blumoo https://www.thesource.ca/en-ca/tvs-and-home-theatre/home-theatre-accessories/remote-controls/blumoo-blumoo01-universal-remote-control/p/108045033?CATARGETID=120216120000074831&cadevice=c&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIuN-skIrW1wIVxol-Ch1l3Ak_EAQYBCABEgJYAPD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds


Smart Thermostats
Say goodbye to inefficiencies and high utility bills with a smart thermostat. Popular versions, such as Nest takes note from the time you wake up, to the time you head to bed and heats or cools your home accordingly. One amazing feature is that the Nest thermostat uses sensors and your phone’s location to check if you have left the house and then sets itself to an eco temperature to save energy! With most technology these days, you can control Nest from your phone. See all Nest has to offer here. https://nest.com/ca/thermostats/nest-learning-thermostat/overview/


Family Hub Refrigerators 
Fridges have come along way with advances in technology. Samsung’s Family Hub has food management, family connection and entertainment functionality all from a touchscreen. Yes, we are still talking about a fridge! Whether you are looking to create a shopping list or set expiration notifications on your current fridge inventory, this fridge can do that. It even has three built-in cameras!
Not only can you find new recipes, you can coordinate everyone’s schedule by syncing calendars to the Family Hub. You can also send notes and reminders to the app. Of course, there is an app for that! Check out this amazing fridge here. https://www.homedepot.ca/en/home/p.1001072452.html?eid=PS_GOOGLE_HD+%7C+PLAs_Shopping+%7C+HD+Black+Friday+2017_HD+BF+2017_pla-386771535081&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-MbSzovW1wIVgVh-Ch37Igy2EAQYAiABEgJ-5PD_BwE


What technology trends are you planning to incorporate into your home this year? We would love to hear from you!