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What makes a house a home? The answer to that question differs from one person to the next. When it comes to Kitchen Cabinets Calgary, what needs to change so that your kitchen becomes an integral part of your home? A well-designed kitchen starts with excellent storage. After all, a kitchen is the heart of a home. It is where you share meals, intimate moments, and build memories. The kitchen is the place where holidays start, friends gather, and homework gets done. Inside we look closely at the benefits of kitchen cabinets as they apply to design and functionality.

A Place for Everything

Good cabinet design includes a place for everything that you use and has room for the unexpected things families accumulate. How does your kitchen’s storage stack up to your daily use? One of the most common complaints about kitchen cabinets is that there is not enough of them. Stock cabinets may not handle taller boxes of food, kitchen tools, or meet your storage needs. Custom cabinets make it easy to address storage issues. We design, re-design, and customize cabinet assemblies to fit your specifications so that the cabinets enhance the usability of the kitchen and the people who use it. Learn more about kitchen storage options for kitchens of every size by clicking here.

The functionality of Kitchen Cabinets

The functionality of kitchen cabinets goes beyond what they hold and includes how they work. Is it easy to assess things on the top shelf? Are your counters and cabinets at an ideal level for your body height? Is it easy to organize small items, such as food or spices? Are the cabinets easy to clean – both inside and out? Will the finish last for years? Cabinets should make working in the kitchen easier. Well-designed cabinets, whether preassembled or craft cabinets work with you. If you have ever had a kitchen where the counters are a little too high or low, you feel it in your back. Cabinet height often determines by counter height. There are ways to adjust both so that your kitchen fits your body and saves your back. Learn more about kitchen design tips right here below.

The Cabinet Styling that Is Uplifting

Cabinet doors are one of the most visible design elements in your kitchen. We offer many options for cabinet door styles, finishes, and base materials. Those options allow you to customize your kitchen cabinets to fit the aesthetic of your kitchen and your lifestyle. After all, the kitchen is the busiest room in your home, and an excellent kitchen design helps make a house a home.

Kitchen Cabinets Calgary

Kitchen Cabinets Calgary offer Cool Features

A more modern feature of kitchen cabinet design features self-closing cabinet doors. No more banging your head on an open cabinet door or bruising your hip on a drawer that is ajar. We feature glass, wood, and veneer options for cabinet materials. Other cabinet innovations include hidden cabinets where the face of the cabinet blends so that it appears seamless. There is also a wide array of hardware that ranges from the traditional to the quirky. Plus modern Calgary kitchen cabinets come in every colour possible.

Smart Tech for your Kitchen Design

Technology is everywhere and helps handle many details in the kitchen. Smart cabinet design includes automatic lighting, enhanced storage features, such as expandable shelving, and easy to adjust shelving. There are many aspects where technology improves kitchen design, especially for storage. We offer complete kitchen remodels and renovations. If you need more room, consider adding an island or utilizing a full wall cabinet system. Either way, you gain custom storage space that is easy to use, fits your needs, and helps organize the kitchen. In addition to full kitchen remodels, we can install cabinets in any room in your home.

Cabinets Beyond the Kitchen

Homes are full of cabinets, and we offer an array of cabinets that fit many rooms from bathrooms to the garage. Custom cabinets or preassembled cabinets offer storage solutions that improve the way rooms function. If you need more space in a bathroom, consider adding cabinets that help organize the area.

For a garage, cabinets are lovely. They help you create storage that keeps things protected, orderly, and frees up space for the car. Need a ski locker, add one in the garage. Keep all of your outdoor equipment in one place, safe, and out of the way.

In the laundry room, cabinets help keep everything contained. If you need a place to store cleaning solutions that is out of reach of the kids and still easy to access, consider a custom, lockable cabinet.

Closet cabinets help keep valuables safe and your closet organized. We offer full wall cabinets made for clothing as well as wardrobes.

Bedrooms and Home Offices are two additional rooms where cabinets can make a difference. From storage for home businesses to hidden closets that house a TV, we make it easy to keep things organized.

Custom Cabinets help utilize space in essential areas. A good example is cabinets that are built under a stairway. Another option for storage is between floors such as the half-room space between the first floor and the basement. Some homes have a lot of space that is unused and capitalizing on that space with custom cabinets turns that space into value for your home.

When it comes to cabinets, we offer Calgary homeowners and commercial properties an extensive selection of options so that each can customize their storage solutions. Making your kitchen your own is relatively easy with professional-grade cabinets. Our services include preassembled cabinets and custom handcrafted cabinets with styles that range from open shelving to transitional styling. We work with you to produce an aesthetic that not only fits your lifestyle but uplifts your standard of living. For a custom quote or design evaluation, reach out to our team here at Kon-strux. We are happy to answer your questions or show you samples.

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