A Trio of Glamorous Bathrooms

Three Glamorous Bathroom Renovations

When we work on bathrooms, we work to add a stunning design complete with everything the homeowner needs. In these three bathrooms, we worked with the homeowner’s ideas to create a bathroom that was going to look glamorous and give them exactly what they were looking for. Check out each of the bathrooms to see what we could do for you too.

Function and Style Together

Our main goal for all three bathrooms was to combine function and style. We didn’t want it to look amazing but not have everything the homeowner needed, and we didn’t want it to be functional but look just like any other bathroom. Instead, the homeowner’s needs, combined with a stylish touch, allowed us to create unique, stunning bathrooms the homeowner loves.

Major Renovations Needed

There was a lot of work we needed to do for the first bathroom. We started by removing all of the dated fixtures, flooring, and more. We then looked into the specifics the homeowner wanted, such as a freestanding tub. Running with their ideas, we came up with a design we knew they’d love. The timeless freestanding tub, combined with the custom marble detailing and tile flooring, created a modern bathroom with a touch of elegance in the gold details that the homeowner loves.

Adding a Pop of Colour

The second bathroom didn’t require as much work to get it looking great, but the homeowner did want something different. To make the bathroom stand out, we added a unique wallpaper that brings in a pop of colour. This pop of colour looks fantastic with the neutral marble countertops and gives it a look of sophistication. Attention to details throughout the renovation for this bathroom allowed us to add a touch of elegance and grace yet create a unique bathroom the homeowner can relax in at the end of the day.

Creating a More Spacious Bathroom

The third bathroom started as an unused storage space. The homeowner needed another bathroom, and, since the storage space was located on the first floor and was not in use, it became the setting for a stunning bathroom renovation. In this bathroom, we used both white subway tiles and darker hexagon tiles to create a stylish new look. It is then combined with more luxury to create the perfect main floor bathroom. This bathroom features tons of storage space for the homeowner; his and her sinks, and two shower heads in the spacious shower. That’ll make it a fantastic bathroom the homeowners will get a ton of use from.

If your bathroom is in desperate need of renovations, like the first one or could use a little more style like the second one; contact us to help you completely redesign it and make it what you want. We can help give your bathroom a surprising new look you’re going to love. If you would like to add a bathroom to your home, let us help you find the perfect space and designed a completely new bathroom you’re going to enjoy using. We’re ready to make your bathroom the stylish and functional space it should be.

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