Detailed Simplicity

A Calgary Complete Home Renovation

This client was ready to make some improvements to their Calgary home, to retrofit new parts into the home to increase the efficiency. Plans were underway to replace the roofing and skylights as well as to increase the insulation for the home. However, the home was fitted with poly-B piping throughout. This type of plumbing is known for catastrophic failures with no warning that the plumbing may have any issues. Due to this, the plumbing began to leak and cause major damage inside the walls. Once the damage was done, the renovation turned from a smaller project designed to increase the efficiency to a large undertaking to completely revamp the entire home.

Clean, Sleek Appearance

The client preferred a clean, sleek appearance throughout their home. Their idea was to add European sensibility to the home, ensuring it looked modern and cohesive. They preferred a high-grain wood to ensure anything wooden would really look like wood and would add to the overall appearance of the home. They also wanted to add in large, very efficient windows to bring in more light and to give them a much better view of the surrounding area. The windows chosen were Gaulhofers, which are manufactured in Austria and which needed to be craned into position. The new windows are designed to be as efficient as possible, while still letting in the maximum amount of light and providing a clean, clear view.

Easy to Clean and Minimalist Design

The husband is retired and is proud to be the cleaner of the household, so he was in charge of deciding in finishes for the components in the home. He chose low-maintenance finishes throughout the home to ensure the entire home is easier to keep clean and looking great. They also chose interior doors, fixtures, and baseboards that were meant to disappear into the design, adding to the clean, sleek look of the home. For the kitchen, they chose a minimalist design but made sure everything from small appliances to silverware had somewhere to go. This helps to keep kitchen clutter down, leading to a cleaner look overall.

High-Quality Flooring Throughout

The flooring was specially chosen to add to the ambiance inside this Calgary home. Flooring throughout the kitchen, dining room, front entry and hall, and the living area were replaced with large porcelain tiles. The tiles were placed in a distinct hopscotch pattern. The bedrooms received new carpeting, and a heated, matching tile floor was installed in the bathroom. This provided a cohesive look throughout the whole home and helped bring every part of the project together.

Though there was only supposed to be a small number of home renovations completed, plumbing issues required the whole house to be renovated. Through this, the clients were able to make their home exactly what they want, using high-quality components to create a new interior that met all of their needs. They included low-maintenance finishes, larger high-efficiency windows, and stunning tiles throughout the home to create the clean, minimalist, European-style home they were looking for.

How this massive renovation began with the plumbing

This massive, down-to-every-detail renovation began with the plumbing. The client was already undertaking piecemeal retrofits to make the house more efficient — replacing the roof and skylights, increasing insulation. But the good ol’ poly-B plumbing began to leak and cause damage inside walls, and that’s when the renovation became an all-encompassing revamp of the whole home. The client wanted a clean, sleek, European sensibility, high-grain wood “that really looked like wood”, and larger (huge) and uber-efficient windows (tripled paned Gaulhofers, manufactured in Austria and craned into position) to maximize light and showcase their incredible northwest view.

The husband in this couple is retired and takes pride in being the cleaner of the household, so had a high priority on low maintenance finishes. They also wanted interior doors, fixtures, and baseboards that disappear into the design. The kitchen was designed to appear minimalist but hold every appliance and spoon in a specially selected place. The floors throughout the kitchen, dining, front entry and hall, and living area were replaced with a large-scale bright porcelain tile in a softly distinctive hopscotch pattern. In the bedroom we used carpeting and the bathroom has a heated (matching-) tile floor.

Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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