Grand Bath

This bathroom was renovated recently by another prominent Calgary company. Unfortunately, the “new” plumbing began to leak into the walls and basement after only two years. Because the previous renovation was so costly but disastrous, the client was (angry and) tempted to just gut the room to start over. However, we suggested that a rebuild with the existing floorplan would maintain the spacious layout on a better budget to become a dream spa space. This bathroom is enormous and in the redesign the client wanted a scale of style that would rise to the size. The client also has unique estate pieces handed down through her family that she still wanted to incorporate as vanities; the elegance of her European heritage. We worked to marry this sensibility with a high 21st century transitional style. We created a space with extreme attention to detail: the complex wainscotting tile design alone is worthy of sustained study, the fixtures are rounded and sexy rubbed brass, and the his-and-hers vanities are elegantly oppositive and topped with glorious swoopy-framed antique-framed mirrors. This space looks and feels like an old Hollywood movie set: one need only open a cupboard and pull out the feather boa.

Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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