Just Add Water

This was a pilot project to experiment with creating a “drag and drop” cabin product from 2 conjoined and renovated well site trailers. The interiors were overhauled, and the interior structure and metal sled base undercarriage reinforced to ensure secure transport though rough conditions (in this case after completion the cabin was transported by truck and then flatbed barged across a lake, and then pulled up a steep hill by two 320 Excavators on metal skids). We created four dedicated bedrooms with room for 11 people, plus two “flex” spaces (the gym and the closed-in outdoor corner deck) that could be called upon to sleep visitors if necessary. The great room space was kept open but “kinked”, helping delineate different areas and spaces. The client wanted high-end finishing and unique work, so we created one-of-a kind details such as the walls of multilayered rectangles of reclaimed wood set in a random pattern, one of which is in the dining room and is a focal point of the whole main area upon arrival. This cabin, initially conceived as an experiment and proof of concept, turned out so well that it is now intended as a legacy for the owners’ children.

Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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