Mount Royal Stately Exterior

Complete Exterior Renovation to Create a Stunning Look

When the homeowners purchased the home, they knew they needed to put in a lot of work to create the home they wanted. The house was the perfect one for them, but it would require a full renovation to get the exterior to look fabulous again. We worked with them on their ideas and plans, completely renovated the exterior of the home, and gave it a stunning new look the homeowners love.

New Siding for a Luxury Look

The plan began with all new siding to completely change the look of the home from outside. A beige siding was chosen for the top of the house, with dark gray stones making up the exterior along the bottom and by the garages to match with the redesigned staircase. A custom oversized oak door was added to the front for a grand entrance. Along the back of the home, the same colours were used, bringing out a whole new look of elegance.

Creation of a Whole New Staircase

The original staircase was small and didn’t fit the grand view the homeowners had for the home, so it had to go. The staircase was enlarged at the base. So it pulls the eyes up to the front door whenever anyone pulls in the driveway. The same stones were used for the railings to the stairs. It is to create a cohesive and stunning appearance for the stairs.

Added Lighting to Enhance the Night View

New overhead lighting was needed to allow for the homeowners to help illuminate the home in the evenings. Accent lights were added across the front of the house, ensuring it looks impressive even when it’s dark outside. More functional accent lighting was added in the back of the home, allowing the homeowners to enjoy the evenings out.

Extended Patio for Entertaining

The homeowners who purchased the house enjoy entertaining, especially outside when the weather is beautiful. The original patio didn’t have enough to offer, so it had to go. Replaced it with a luxury paver patio that extends further from the back door, offering more entertainment space and a better view of the backyard.

Gorgeous Balcony for Enjoying the Sunset

When the weather’s gorgeous, a view of the setting sun is a must, off the master bedroom in the backyard, a balcony was created so the homeowners could sit and enjoy the view they have of the surrounding area. This balcony is large enough for extra outdoor seating, making it an extremely comfortable place to sit and relax in the evenings.

The homeowners love the home they purchased but knew the exterior would need some work to make it what they imagined it could be. We worked with them to make their dreams for the home a reality and helped them create an exceptional exterior for the home they love. All of the new aspects of the exterior, from the overhead accent lighting to custom hardy board and stonework; work together to create dimension and luxury that were missing before. If your home is missing something, inside or out, contact us to learn about how we can help with the redesign and renovation.

Grey Carpet on Living Room
Folded Umbrellas by Entrance
Opened Recipe Book in Kitchen

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